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Kind Words


My wife and I love that we can get fresh greens and eggs almost year round! Everything Ahavah farm takes on, they do 100% - from attention to detail with fencing and impressive greenhouses, to their nurturing care of land, plants, and animals. Check out the farm! I guarantee you'll be impressed with Ahavah's family team, and their delicious produce and eggs. - Tyson B.

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"Ahavah farm is THE BEST! Their homeschool field trip was really a special experience. The kids started out getting to know (and feed!) the Alpacas where we learned SO much! We then moved onto the chicken and ducks where the kiddos were excited to find their own egg. Next a trip to one of the gardens to choose and pick gorgeous (beyond organic!!) beets and carrots. The kids LOVED chomping into those veggies while Joseph and Havah cooked the chicken/duck eggs and beet greens. My girls found the taste of their first duck egg to be DELICIOUS! Joseph and Havah and their kiddos made everyone feel welcome and appreciated. Great memories were made ♥ Thank you, Joseph and Havah and fam!" ~The Renfro's 

"Thank you for THE BEST TASTING -LONGEST LASTING PRODUCE AND EGGS WE'VE HAD THIS DECADE!  Your hard work is truly appreciated!" - Tracy V. and Family

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"I joined Ahavah Farm's CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program for the 2015 season and was blown away by what this family accomplished at their small farm. Our family has belonged to CSAs all over the country and this one is outstanding! ...I would definitely sign up next summer. When we are receiving CSA produce our family cooks and eats much better than in the 'off seasons.' We are healthier for it!" - Melody W.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Fall Registration opens July 1st. go to www.ahavah

"Amazing sustainable farm doing great things for our environment and our bodies. Thank you so much for providing pure, nourishing food to our local community." - Lisa M.


"This little big farm is so amazing, run by an awesome couple. I learned so much today on their home schoolers tour!! From what beyond organic means, to the usefulness of alpacas, even how good a fresh laid duck egg taste! My kids enjoyed the fresh picked veggies as well! What a truely joyful experience, thank you for having us!" - Tamara R.

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