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Special Video Update

Hey Everyone! This week my "Weekly Update" video has a few special announcements and some important info that I felt would be important for all to hear - so, I'm sending it out directly and asking everyone to take a few minutes to watch. Yes, 9 minutes is a lot of your time to ask, but there's a lot happening and we need your help.

Please watch to the end (or you can skip to the 5:45 minute mark for an important conversation about Ahavah Community Initiative, and how you can help).

Love you all, Yosef

0:00 - Introduction and recap of last week, the harvest coming up and growth on the farm.

0:50 - Come see the farm!

2:03 - Storytime and activity with Ms. Tracy!

3:03 - Nursery & Garden Center OPENING Announcement!

3:50 - Farmer's Market Announcement!

5:45 - Ahavah Community Initiative


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