Weekly CSA Newsletter February 23rd


Week 4 - The FOURTH Week of WINTER CSA 2021!


We are still struggling after this incredibly cold, record-breaking month, but we are getting back on track. It looks like the weather for the next few weeks should be warming up which means that we should receive more sunlight and more growth! One thing that is so difficult about growing in the winter is the lack of biological activity, causing a major slowdown in nutrient uptake from the plants, thus causing a slowdown in their growth. When the sunlight is not out and the ground can't warm up, this really hinders the operation and the yield. Unfortunately we can only plan for the expected and cross our fingers that the unexpected doesn't happen this year...but it inevitably does every-single-year! To prepare for this we have a few tricks up our sleeves that we try to use as a last resort like increasing the microgreens, adding living herbs etc. It appears that we may use more of these than we anticipated - but HEY, it's February and that spinach and claytonia tastes OH-SO-GOOD! So there is that! 😁Expect another few weeks of slightly anemic shares though the value will be there, the bulk will not be and it may just be that the 2021 Winter season ends up being subpar and as dissapointing as that is, not all seasons can be as awesome as the last few! Hopefully the Spring and Summer will get us rockin' and rollin' again and we will forget all about our frozen plants, burst pipes and solid ground!

Alright everyone, that's it for now. Be sure to scroll through this e-mail and check for changes and announcements and enjoy the articles!

PS. Please note that some of the veggies have burned tips. These are perfectly safe to eat or can be picked off, and are simply due to freeze burn.

See below for what's coming in your bags this week, and more updates!

Enjoy your share this week and don't forget to join the fun and share your recipes and pictures in the Facebook Community Group





As always, all prices are


See the weekly "What's in your Bag" e-mails that get sent on Wednesdays for your "extras" list.

For Payment:  Cash or Check at the drops or the balance can be sent via PayPal to contact@ahavahfarm.com or via Venmo to 719-233-7828 or by paying with credit card over the phone.


Ahavah Community Initiative SPOTLIGHT

This week we raised another $216!! Thank you so much everyone for leaving your change, bringing your bucks and supporting your community!Help create access to the purest food on the planet and DONATE TODAY!We truly believe that Ahavah Community Initiative (501C3) is one of the best ways to make a direct impact on YOUR community. Our mission is simple and the finances are completely transparent. 100% of your donations go straight to supporting our mission to "connect under-served people to locally-farmed, regeneratively-grown produce..." etc. Our board is 100% volunteer and there is no paid staff. Our meetings are public and our minutes are available at request.

Please consider a tax deductible donation to ACI by clicking here and please consider making it a monthly donation by clicking the box:

Interested in making a tax-deductible donation? Ahavah Community Initiative is registered as a 501c3 with the State of Colorado as a non-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible.


Want to get involved with either ACI or as a volunteer on the farm? E-mail us to let us know. We are always looking for volunteers and we would love for you to join the party!



Farming is so much more than just growing calories. For us, it's about growing absolutely pure, about repairing our earth and caring for our resources. It is about putting love into our food, our employees, our animals and our community.

It's been a while since our pledge was reviewed. Now is as good a time as any, and so here it is:

  • ⁕We pledge to never compromise on the purity of our food. This includes the use of any chemicals or anything synthetic (even if it is certified “Organic”).

  • ⁕We pledge to use microbiology, composts, green manures (plant residue) and other organic matter to build and sustain healthy soils.

  • ⁕We pledge to use beneficial insects to control pests and to increase the bio-diversity on our farm.

  • ⁕We pledge to never use pesticides or fungicides.

  • ⁕We pledge to never use GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms).

  • ⁕We pledge to use only NOP “Organic” certified seeds, our own saved seeds or locally grown seeds from farms that we trust and are assured of their growing practices.

  • ⁕We pledge to always be transparent in all of our growing practices.

  • ⁕We pledge that we will utilize pure, regenerative practices and we coined the phrase: “Just because it is ‘Organic’ doesn’t mean that it is pure.”

  • ⁕We pledge that we will never use antibiotics or hormones on our animals – unless the animal is sick and the only way to save the animal is through these measures.

  • ⁕We pledge to give our animals adequate shelter, water and food and to feed them before we feed ourselves.

  • ⁕We pledge to reduce emissions and to use as many alternative fuels and sources of energy that are renewable and that our financial capabilities will allow.

  • ⁕We pledge to use water conservation methods and to completely avoid inefficient irrigation practices and systems such as flood irrigation.

  • ⁕We pledge to strive to be as sustainable and regenerative as we can possibly be within the financial parameters and budget of the farm. ⁕We pledge to raise our animals in a humane and loving manner that allows them to live as free, happy and loved animals.

  • ⁕We Pledge to utilize no-till / minimal-till techniques and to only use tillage in extenuating circumstances to protect our soil and the soil-ecosystem.

  • ⁕We pledge to be transparent in all of our business practices and marketing.

  • ⁕We pledge to give back to our community by being a voice for environmental stewardship and the importance of local, sustainable and pure food.

  • ⁕We pledge to allow visitors to our farm and to show them our fertilizer, our growing practices, our soil and water reports and our seeds or anything else they would like to see which is related to our growing practices.

  • ⁕We pledge to use local sources, when available, and when they meet sustainable and purity standards as set forth in this pledge, for all inputs and feed on our farm.

  • ⁕We pledge to continuously improve and to strive to be greater stewards of the earth, supporter of our local community and to never stop learning and increasing our awareness of growing practices that bring health to our community and our planet.

  • ⁕We pledge to allow customers to pay-what-they-can-afford and to never turn away a hungry person when within the financial parameters and reasonable ability of the farm and our family. ⁕We pledge to always pay our employees the best we can and to NEVER give ourselves a raise until we give them one first.




Oh the amazing power of community and crowdfunding!

Every week, at all of the CSA locations, we have a bin or jar that looks like this. We ask all of our members to bring just $1 with them every week to help support their fellow-members and community.

Bring $1 every week and be a part of supporting, directly, families in need.

Don't say your $1 isn't important! The only way crowdfunding works is if we all participate. Therefore, your $1 is vitally important and it is directly through this program that we raise the majority of ACI's food donation funds than any other fundraising program, and yet it is the absolute easiest for all of our members to participate!

Everyone can afford to Bring-A-Buck and if we ALL bring $1, the impact can be enormous - to the tune of feeding 1 family for an entire season for every single week we all participate!!!! WOW!!



Attention Home Gardeners! If you are planning a garden this year, you MUST get your orders in soon! We will be cutting off all guaranteed pre-orders no later than April 1st!

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