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Our Farmer's Market is heating up and WE WANT YOU to join us for an awesome season!

Updated: May 5, 2023

The summer season is almost here and we are seeking amazing vendors for our summer Ahavah Community Farmer's Market! As many of you know, last year's market was a giant success and we want to continue to grow this year...WITH YOU!

Our market is affordable, has great foot traffic, is low-key and fun to be a part of. Click below to apply today!

Last year we started the Ahavah Community Market, here at Ahavah Farm with up to 20 vendors and it was an absolutely wonderful success!

Over the Winter we have successfully continued this market indoors (which will continue through the end of May), but now it's time to plan for the Summer season!

Our 100% Local market has something for everyone, even the kiddos! Whether you are seeking fresh, local meat or veggies, or shopping for gifts, or you simply want to come out and enjoy some yummy food and enjoy the playground we will be here, every Friday from 9am to 12pm and we sincerely hope you will check us out and tell a friend!


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