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Did You Know⁉️⁉️

Some of you have asked what a "Values-Driven Farm" is! So, we thought we would share! There are two parts to this statement; one is regarding our values that we pledge to maintain as a business and community and the second half is regarding our actual business practices, which can be found in our pledge. This is the first half, our values-statement. You can find our pledge below.

Those that have been around for a while know how important a wholesome environment, high standards & moral values are to our family and our farm - ones that are driven, guided and mandated by our holy Torah.

All of our volunteers, community members, friends, family and employees are required to agree in upholding these following values and all of us are required to review these values every time we come to work.

No one is perfect in abiding by these values 100% of the time, and that's ok, but as you can see, we take these values seriously and any member of our team that is acting outside of these values in a consistent manner will not be welcome and will be asked to leave (and yes, it's sadly happened multiple times).

You can see these values posted around the farm and we love to talk with our community about them on our tours, our classes and around the farm. They are so important to us that we review them on a regular with our team, every Monday morning!

Check out our farm's values below. Are these the sort of values you hold dear to YOUR heart and home?



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