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Providing our local community with a source of seedlings, plants and microgreens for your home, garden, homestead or small farm that you can trust to be of the highest possible standard of purity*, environmental stewardship and integrity.


Welcome to the Ahavah Farm Nursery!  The purest seedlings you will find for your garden and home!

From certified organic seed to our beyond-organic soil mix to the biodegradable cowpots and the renewable energy used to grow them, we guarantee that you will not find a more pure source of seedlings for your garden, homestead or small farm - period. 

Ahavah Farm Nursery is born out of the desire to provide our community with a source of seedlings for their gardens, as well as medicinal and beneficial plants and flowers for their homes, that our community can trust to be grown using the exact same transparent methods of Ahavah Farm.  


The same methods, the same varieties, the same purity and environmental responsibility will be put into every plant we sell. 


Heirloom varieties, rare varieties and all the favorite varieties of our CSA members:  Tested for our area and proven to be the best selection for flavor and nutrition, you can now grow all the same varieties as Ahavah Farm – in your very own back yard garden!





7545 Log Rd.

Peyton, CO 80831

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