Peppers - Yellow Marconi Sweet Pepper

The red and yellow marconi peppers are our favorite variety of sweet pepper.  Left to complete their transition from green to yellow or red and you cannot beat their sweetness!  If you like sweet peppers, you will absolutely LOVE these!  


Seedlings are grown in 100% certified Organic potting soil, seeds are 100% certified Organic and are 100% Heirloom Variety.  Seeds are not innoculated and are only fertilized with Ahavah Farm compost-extract, humic acid and actively aerated compost tea.  Absolutely no chemicals or synthetics of any kind are used. 


A ready to plant fully biodegradable "Cowpot"  is optional for this seedling for an additional $0.75 cents.  Cowpots are made from 100% composted cowmanure that are ready to plant in the soil without having to remove the pot or wasteful resources while adding nutrients to the soil and keeping the roots in tact.  Cowpots are expecially beneficial for sensitive-to-transplant crops like cucumbers and squash specifically. 


Please select your date and location of pickup at checkout. 


Seedlings are ready to transplant upon receipt  Tranplant seedling within 3 days of receipt for best results.  Minimally disturb roots and pack loose soil tightly around root ball.  Water in deeply and maintain a regular watering and fertilizing schedule until harvest.  


From the seed and soil to the pots and solar-power used to grow them, we guarantee that our seedlings are the most sustainable and the most pure seedlings you will find.  You will notice that we use absolutely ZERO chemicals, pesticides or sprays and therefore, it is possible that an insect from our nursery may hitch a ride on one of your plants.  Do not be afraid to find a spider, ant, aphid, ladybug or fly catching a ride on your plants.  For some, this is a reason to not purchase chemical-free.  For us, it's just part of the experience of nature (although we do our best to mitigate any pests or free-loaders as we can!)

Peppers - Yellow Marconi Sweet Pepper





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