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Please take a few moments to allow us to say THANK YOU to you and to share with you our end-of-year letter!

To all of our AMAZING, BELOVED and CHERISHED community:

Thanks to you, Ahavah Community Initiative (501c3) has been able to faithfully serve our local community for another year!  We cannot fully express our gratefulness for your 2023 tax-deductible contribution to Ahavah Community Initiative (501c3), and words cannot do justice to our heartfelt appreciation for your support!! 

       Did you know that 100% of EVERY SINGLE PENNY that you donated in 2023 went straight and ONLY to feeding families in need!?  That's right! Not one penny was used for over-head, materials, for payroll or for any other need except to go straight to feeding people the purest, most environmentally sustainable local produce available - and you should be proud that you contributed to this great deed!  

In 2023, with the help of your generous donations, Ahavah Community Initiative (501c3), was able to donate an ASTOUNDING 1,610 Weekly bags of freshly harvested local veggies to families who needed it the most!  That's $56,350.00 worth of pure, regeneratively grown, local vegetables that were harvested fresh just for them - and YOU made this happen!!! The families became part of our community, developed relationships, came to our free classes and events and many even gave back in any limited way they were able to; in many cases even being 100% disabled, they felt so blessed they still gave back in some way!  

        Your donation went directly to help feed people like Lois and to Alice who wrote to us the following:  

"Ahavah (Community Initiative) keeps me in healthy veggies. Otherwise, I'd be eating far less veggies. Fresh produce is so expensive. Before SNAP was cut back severely earlier this year, I'd stocked up on beans, rice, and flour which I still have plenty of. But fresh fruits and vegetables don't last long. Thank you for the vitamins, antioxidants, micronutrients, deliciousness, and all the other health benefits that come with fresh vegetables."   - Lois D.
"Words can not describe how grateful I am for the gift you have given to me...Thank you for the food that's pure life...Even though battle is ferocious at times, your yummy veggies seem to be a high help...Your veggies from Ahavah farm is a lifeline...A big thanks to every single person who is a part of Ahavah Farm family. Having volunteered last year, I realize a huge amount of physical, not to mention emotional stress it takes to make CSA happen. It's a lot of hard work that blesses so many families, and I am grateful to each person who tirelessly contributes themselves day after day, at times to the point of utter exhaustion.  It is my prayer that God Himself grants all of you His supernatural rest that rejuvinates the soul, and blesses you all with special time and joyful memories.  May you know deep in your hearts that your hard work doesn't go unnoticed, you are appreciated."  - Alice R.

It was YOUR donation that helped make this possible, and it was done in a way that showed our community that we truly accept and love them.  Just listen to DB who says that  “One of the greatest aspects is that I show up to get my share, and I’m on the same list as everyone else who is getting a share, with no differentiation being made between ‘real customers’ and ‘donated shares.’” This is special, and your donation helped make that possible!  

       In addition to the donated vegetables, Ahavah Community Initiative (501c3) also fulfilled our outreach mission to our community by putting on a total of 28 educational classes related to regenerative agriculture and environmental awareness, food preparation, health and wellness classes, children's classes and workshops plus our regular storytime activities.  Our outreach also included our 10th and 11th Farm Festivals hosting over 2,500 people between them! 

       Your donation made all of this happen and more...and there is more.  So much more that isn't mentioned here!   Ahavah Community Initiative (501c3), our volunteer board, our members and friends truly are a community that is making an impact in our world, but most importantly right here at home.  

       Truly, if it wasn't for your tax-deductible donation and the others who donated alongside of you, then our mission would not have been accomplished, this "Ahavah FaRmily" would not exist and the change and impact that  Ahavah Community Initiative (501c3) makes in the local food movement would not be felt.  Every dollar helps and every person who donates is vital.  Thank you so much for your continued friendship with Ahavah Community Initiative (501c3)!

If you would like to make another tax-deductible, charitable contribution to  Ahavah Community Initiative (501c3), you may do so by sending your donation to:

Ahavah Community Initiative

7545 Log Rd.

Peyton, CO 80831

You may also send electronic donations with no fee and in any amount by clicking below:

(with options for automatic recurring donations of as little as $1.00).



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