Week 5 Bag Packing List and Extras

Hello Dear CSA Members! I am sorry this is SOOOO late! I (Yosef) have been really sick and let this slip. Here is your bag packing list and extras. It was a tough week, but the shares came out nice.

The following items will be available for SALE at your CSA location:

Onions - $2.50/ .5lb bag

Rainbow Carrots - $4 / bunch

Pea Shoots - $5 / bag

Kale - $4 / bunch

Pumpkins and Winter Squash - $3 to $5

Dried Basil - $12 / Jar

Barley Grass (better than wheat grass) - $4/container

Radish Microgreens - $3/container

Arugula MIcrogreens - $3/container

Broccoli Microgreens - $3/container

Kohlrabi Microgreens - $3/container

Sunflower Shoots - $5/bag