Week 3 Bag Packing List and Extras

Hello Dear CSA Members! Here is your CSA bag packing list for this week and your extras list. Unfortunately, we were running behind for most of the week and it was tough to get a lot of extras available for you. Hopefully next week we will have a full lineup of "market" items to choose from. Enjoy your share this week!

The following items will be available for SALE at your CSA location:

Onions - $2.50/ 1/2lb

Pea Shoots - $5/ bag

Salad Mix - $4.50 / bag

Fennel - $4 / bunch

Leeks - $5 / bunch

Chives - $2.5 / bunch

Mustard Greens - $3.5 / bag

Radish Microgreens - $3/container

Arugula MIcrogreens - $3/container

Broccoli Microgreens - $3/container

Kohlrabi Microgreens - $3/container

Sunflower Shoots - $5/bag