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Week 14 - The Final Week of the Year!!

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Hello Champions of the local food movement!!

Wow, it's been a ride, and a really good one at that! This Fall has been amazing and on the back of an amazing Summer, Spring and a fantastic Winter season last year! Well, now it's time to move to another year, another season and another chapter - and we are excited because as it stands, we are absolutely prepared for a wonderful Winter season! If you haven't signed up for Winter - do so soon (click here), as registration is over December 31st. If you haven't seen our end-of-year newsletter, you can do so by clicking here. Finally, if you haven't been following us on Facebook or Instagram or if you haven't been a part of the Facebook Community Group, now is the time - as we have some new management and we will continue to be active on these pages, even through the January break (remember, our production is shut down for January). Love you all so much and we are so grateful for all your loving support!

This Week's Harvest

This week's harvest will end the season with a bang! We have a very special treat for you this week: Dried basil! It's a beautiful bunch of dried basil that is ready crunch up and use in any of your favorite dishes. it's also pretty enough to hang in your kitchen and fill it with a subtle basil aroma 😉. We also have Tatsoi, swiss chard and mustard - three amazing sauté greens that are very tasty for any side dish (and the mustard...oh my is it smooth and delicious 😋!!). Rounding out the shares are carrots - yum, onions, lettuce and more (even fresh cilantro!!!!). It's a great share to end a great year! Thank you so much, again, and enjoy your SHARES!!

SEE YOU IN FEBRUARY!!! (Preseason meeting - don't miss it - is scheduled for Monday, January 24th at 6pm on the Facebook Community Group).

🚩 Don't forget that we sell extras every week and now is the time to stock up so you can preserve them to get through the January break


For Payment: Cash or Check at the drops or the balance can be sent via PayPal to or Venmo to 719-233-7828 or by credit card or regular debit cards via Square (when it works🤣) !!!

📣 Time is running out to get your Winter CSA share, registration closes on 31 December 2021 Sign Up By Clicking Here

👉👉PLEASE - Don't forget to apply for a donated or subsidized share, or send it to someone who needs it!! Hurry, the registration deadline is before January 9th, 2022. CLICK HERE TO APPLY.

DEADLINE FOR THE GIVE! CAMPAIGN!!! Ahavah Community Initiavite (ACI) is always fundraising to be able to offer free or subsidized CSA memberships to families in need. When you donate before the end of the year by CLICKING HERE , you not only help those in need but you can get rewarded for your generosity as well! 😃

What's in your bag this week?

Week 14: FINAL WEEK OF 2021!!!!


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