Summer 2022 CSA Program Details

Hello Dear CSA Members! The following are all the details for the 2022 SUMMER CSA PROGRAM - STARTING THURSDAY June 23rd and Friday, June 24th. The season is 13 weeks long with the final week coming on September 15th and 16th. PAST MEMBERS: It is recommended that you join the pre-season meeting and read through this e-mail for any changes from previous seasons, last season had a lot going on and changes were made to time and locations for pickups. You are also encouraged to print this out for easy reference throughout the 12 week season.

Preseason Meeting

We will be having an informational pre-season meeting on Monday, June 20th @ 6pm If you have any questions, this would be a great time to ask. We will do our best to keep it short. 30 - 40 Minutes TOPS. It will stay posted for about a month after the meeting so you can go back and re-watch it. To tune in to the Facebook Live and to participate you must already be a member* of or join the Ahavah Community Facebook Group HERE before the meeting on Monday, June 20th 2022.

** The video will be posted to Youtube and sent out for all non-Facebook users.


What to expect:

Each season has it's own pros and cons, especially when it comes to farming. However, time and experience builds resiliency and knowledge. We believe we have been getting better and better as the years progress. We've learned ways to navigate bad weather and pests without using chemicals but occasionally it dampens our our variety, quality and abundance. This is part of CSA membership - during good times we load you up, and during down times, we still try our best to load you up... but if the crop's not growing, well, it's not growing and we can't help that, but with that said, we have been having amazing consistency over the years and we believe this year will be no exception.


The season is 13 weeks long (Spring was 12 and Fall is 14). One of the things that makes our CSA unique is our ability and philosophy to balance out the value of your shares throughout the entire season, every season. That means that you won't get a glut of veggies at the beginning of the season or really sparse shares at the end or vice versa. We do a lot of varieties that other farms don't grow, but we also try not to grow too many "odd" varieties and try to keep those to the fringes for a fun change-up. Instead we grow mostly the staples you're familiar with and expand from there. We also try our best to include just one, sometimes two, varieties of microgreens in each share. These are highly sought after, and truth be told, many members' ultimate reason for being a member - they are that good. The varieties and some of the "bulk" may change throughout the season, but we try our best to keep things balanced. To learn more about what we grow, CLICK HERE.