Summer 2022 CSA Program Details

Hello Dear CSA Members! The following are all the details for the 2022 SUMMER CSA PROGRAM - STARTING THURSDAY June 23rd and Friday, June 24th. The season is 13 weeks long with the final week coming on September 15th and 16th. PAST MEMBERS: It is recommended that you join the pre-season meeting and read through this e-mail for any changes from previous seasons, last season had a lot going on and changes were made to time and locations for pickups. You are also encouraged to print this out for easy reference throughout the 12 week season.

Preseason Meeting

We will be having an informational pre-season meeting on Monday, June 20th @ 6pm If you have any questions, this would be a great time to ask. We will do our best to keep it short. 30 - 40 Minutes TOPS. It will stay posted for about a month after the meeting so you can go back and re-watch it. To tune in to the Facebook Live and to participate you must already be a member* of or join the Ahavah Community Facebook Group HERE before the meeting on Monday, June 20th 2022.

** The video will be posted to Youtube and sent out for all non-Facebook users.


What to expect:

Each season has it's own pros and cons, especially when it comes to farming. However, time and experience builds resiliency and knowledge. We believe we have been getting better and better as the years progress. We've learned ways to navigate bad weather and pests without using chemicals but occasionally it dampens our our variety, quality and abundance. This is part of CSA membership - during good times we load you up, and during down times, we still try our best to load you up... but if the crop's not growing, well, it's not growing and we can't help that, but with that said, we have been having amazing consistency over the years and we believe this year will be no exception.


The season is 13 weeks long (Spring was 12 and Fall is 14). One of the things that makes our CSA unique is our ability and philosophy to balance out the value of your shares throughout the entire season, every season. That means that you won't get a glut of veggies at the beginning of the season or really sparse shares at the end or vice versa. We do a lot of varieties that other farms don't grow, but we also try not to grow too many "odd" varieties and try to keep those to the fringes for a fun change-up. Instead we grow mostly the staples you're familiar with and expand from there. We also try our best to include just one, sometimes two, varieties of microgreens in each share. These are highly sought after, and truth be told, many members' ultimate reason for being a member - they are that good. The varieties and some of the "bulk" may change throughout the season, but we try our best to keep things balanced. To learn more about what we grow, CLICK HERE.


The goal, from our perspective, is to give you as much variety as we can, while providing you with at least 10% more than what you paid for (we have NEVER failed at this goal, even in the worst of times). Every Thursday we will send out a weekly packing list to our members so you will know what veggies will be in your share that week. This will include any important changes and information you may need. Above is a picture of the bag-packing list for traditional shares, we also include pictures of the market style and extras boards each week. You can click and expand the pictures. SUPPORTING LOCAL

Since this is a 100% local CSA, with 100% of everything being grown by our farm, there may be

fluctuations in your share sizes from week to week. There also may be items you have not tried before (actually probably many! - which is the fun!). We do our best to have as many protected crops as possible: against wind, hail, pests and more. However, nothing is 100% and this is FARMING. That means that it is not always up to us whether or not mother nature decides to give us a good season or a not-so-good season. Either way, we do a very good job of making sure we get you quality produce consistently week after week. Please remember that this is a share in the farm and that there is nothing guaranteed and please familiarize yourselves with the terms and conditions that you agreed to at registration.


Traditional Share: The traditional style CSA is a pre-packed bag every week of the season. The bag contents will vary from week to week (you will receive a list of what is in your bag). It may include a live herb plant from time to time. Many people love traditional because they get to be creative and try a large variety of items that they normally wouldn't select themselves. We try our best to make it as varied as possible. The benefits of the traditional share really boils down to convenience because we know the fuss of selecting and packing your veggies may not be your "thing" and that's ok! **This is the only option for door-to-door delivery or pickup at Ranch Foods Direct (Central Colorado Springs) after 2:30PM.

Market Style: Ah, the market-style, the most beloved of all our programs and the most unique aspect to our CSA relative to so many others. With this option you show up and select your veggies from the coolers provided. Of course we provide tongs, signage, scales and bags for your convenience. Being a market-style member is a huge benefit to so many that are seeking community, choice and the feeling of being at a market. It's fun and lively, the like-mindedness of our community is really unique and to see the friendships being cultivated is heart-warming and special. The downsides to the market-style include the lack of convenience and if you are a late-comer, meaning you show up at the last minutes, there may be less choice available (since they have all been picked through). However, we try to balance it out so that we have plenty of variety throughout.


Market Style gives you more choice over your veggies and it's also an opportunity to enjoy the community during our Market-Style CSA pickup.

Market-Style is available at these times*:

North Colorado Springs/Monument: Thursdays 11:30 AM - 12:30 AM

Denver: Thursdays 3:00PM - 4:00PM

Peyton: Fridays 9:00 AM -12:00 AM (Traditionals have late pickup until 4pm)

Central Colorado Springs: Fridays 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

(Traditionals have late pickup until at 6pm)

*NOT available for door-to-door delivery.

If you are not signed up for market-style, and you want to be, please e-mail Jessie at to let us know. Thanks.


That's right! You can switch at any time! Try the Traditional share and then try the Market-style, then switch back again. To do so, just follow the same timelines as the other requests: Send in your request no later than Sunday night at MIDNIGHT and we will happily switch you up!




By signing up to be a member of the Ahavah Farm CSA program, I am taking on a temporary and limited voting ownership of Ahavah Farm, LLC as an active partner and risk-taker in the farm. I understand that there are no refunds for this program. However if there is a valid reason for cancelling the seasonal share, management will work with me to find a replacement for my share if needed. As a member of this Community Supported Agricultural program, I understand that I am requested to be actively involved (but not required). As a member of Ahavah Farm, LLC, I understand the importance of community, the value in local agriculture and creating, supporting and investing in local, sustainable food systems (Ahavah Farm believes that the most important aspect to this program is the ability for individuals to know and trust their farmer and where their food is coming from). As a member I am declaring that I agree that supporting local agriculture is important to me and that I will be an involved member in the community and will do my best to support Ahavah Farm's mission and the community at large ("involved in the community" is vague and can mean anything from volunteering, involvement with and being active in the Facebook community group, spreading the word, coming to classes and events etc.).


As a member of the Ahavah Farm CSA program I am aware that I have discounted access to all of our classes, tours and events as part of my membership, however I am still required to register for classes. I understand that I will also have access to 100% of everything that Ahavah Farm sells. Finally, I understand that a CSA program is a partnership program, and an investment in my health. As such, there are risks to supporting a local CSA program in that the yield may be smaller than anticipated (Ahavah Farm has never had a loss). I am also aware that if there is a bumper crop, my shares may be bigger. I understand that Ahavah Farm aims to provide an approximate value of 10% more food than the cost of my share. I also understand that by being a member of Ahavah Farm CSA, I am supporting the ultimate in ecological and environmental agriculture along with the funding and partnership with Ahavah Community Initiative to feed families in need and to spread the education of environmental agricultural stewardship to the community. I also understand that I have the absolute right to know about 100% of all growing, harvesting, washing and packing methods and can ask any and all questions related to such subjects and I can request any and all documentation related to these subjects as well. As a CSA member I am also aware that I am allowed 1 personalized/private tour, as availability allows, and as scheduled in advance.


I understand that the CSA seasons are broken up into 4 seasons throughout the year and it is my responsibility to be aware of pickup dates, locations and program details as they have all been made available to me ahead of season start. I agree that Ahavah Farm has the right to adjust the delivery dates and schedules throughout the season with the full expectation that there be considerable notification ahead of time to allow for members to adjust their schedules as well (an example of this would be an emergency on the farm, weather interruptions or anything that could hinder the harvest and delivery of the crop).


I understand that all OFFICIAL communication and notices must come through e-mail and that I will not use Facebook messenger, texting or voicemails as official communication (these are fine to use if not urgent, but they are not trackable and therefore we request that they not be used and will not be accepted as OFFICIAL communication). I understand that as a member, I am requested (not obligated) to join the Facebook Community Group: “Ahavah Farm Community Group.” I understand that all notifications, changes, updates, rules, exclusions, times, instructions and everything related to the program will be

thoroughly communicated to me through the use of: E-mail, Ahavah Farm Community Group on Facebook and in person (pre-season meetings). I am responsible for receiving these communications and for monitoring changes.


I also agree that my CSA subscription must be paid in full prior to the first delivery (exceptions for SNAP, Donated shares, and Payment Plan members), is non-refundable and if the full amount is not paid prior to the first delivery my account may be suspended or cancelled. I also understand that if I use a Credit Card to process my order, or if I use another form of electronic payment (i.e Paypal or Square) there is a 3% fee included in the price of subscription. When paying with cash or check, please deduct this 3% when sending in your payment or we will utilize this extra 3% as a donation to Ahavah Community Initiative.

By Paying for my share I attest that I have read and understand the terms of the program and am excited to be a part of a community centered around the common purpose of community, sustainability and purity!



All communication for changes, holds, requests etc. MUST come through official E-MAIL and not through phone calls, Social Media, or even through Farm staff.

The following are the contact emails you may need:

AHAVAH FARM MAIN CONTACT: - this is the main contact for all CSA communication or general business inquiries.

AHAVAH COMMUNITY INITIATIVE MAIN CONTACT: - this is the main contact for all Ahavah Community Initiative communication or general business inquiries, donations and volunteering.

AHAVAH FARM NURSERY MAIN CONTACT: - this is the main contact for all nursery and seedling communication or general nursery-related business inquiries.

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