Spring Week 4 Bag Packing List and Extras

Hi everyone! There's not much popping right now besides greens as this weather is unbearable to contend with. No sun and no heat means no growth!!! Well, it's still a beautiful share - greens heavy, or not. Hopefully we will have more bulk coming soon (but I'm not incredibly optimistic). We'll get there. It's just taking longer than anticipated, and perhaps 2021 will have a shorter fruiting/summer season. We will see, but we can only do so much to fight this lack of sun and these below freezing nights (I can't believe it's almost May!!!). Anyway, enjoy your share and have a fantastic week!!!! #coloradosecondwinter

WE HAVE PLANTS FOR SALE THIS WEEK! Big and beautiful ones too😮 !

$3 to $5+:

Sunflowers (ready to bloom)

Creeping Thyme

German Thyme

Parsley (flat leaf)

French Marigolds

Mother of Thousands




Tomato plants (black krim, cherokee purple, beefsteak and more) (some very large plants for $12 - $15.)


Hanging Plants of different sizes (differing prices).