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Ahavah Farm is a Values-Centered-Farm and This is Our Pledge to You!

Farming is so much more than just growing calories. For us, it's about growing absolutely pure. About repairing our earth and caring for our resources. It is about putting love into our food, our employees, our animals and our community. Take a few minutes to read our public pledge here:

✔ We pledge to never compromise on the purity of our food. This includes the use of any chemicals or anything synthetic (even if it is certified “Organic”).  ✔ We pledge to use microbiology, composts, green manures (plant residue) and other organic matter to build and sustain healthy soils.  ✔ We pledge to use beneficial insects to control pests and to increase the bio-diversity on our farm.  ✔ We pledge to never use pesticides or fungicides.  ✔ We pledge to never use GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms).  ✔ We pledge to use only NOP “Organic” certified seeds, our own saved seeds or locally grown seeds from farms that we trust or seeds that we are 100% assured of their growing practices.  ✔ We pledge to always be transparent in all of our growing practices.  ✔ We pledge that we will utilize pure, regenerative practices and we agree with the phrase: “Just because it is ‘Certified Organic’ doesn’t mean that it is pure.”  ✔ We pledge that we will never use antibiotics or hormones on our animals – unless the animal is sick and the only way to save the animal is through these measures (and then we pledge to never sell their eggs).  ✔ We pledge that we will only raise heritage breed animals.  ✔ We pledge that if we cannot make the fertilizer or other input (feed and more) ourselves, in a sustainable manner, then we will refuse to use it on our crops or give it to our animals.  ✔ We pledge to give our animals adequate shelter, water and food and to feed them before we feed ourselves.  ✔ We pledge to reduce emissions and to use as many alternative fuels and sources of energy that are renewable and that our financial capabilities will allow.  ✔ We pledge to use water conservation methods and to completely avoid inefficient irrigation practices and systems such as flood irrigation.  ✔ We pledge to allow our animals to live freely, according to their nature – this includes unethical castration practices, branding, debeaking, declawing etc.  ✔ We pledge to strive to be as sustainable and regenerative as we can possibly be within the financial parameters and budget of the farm.  ✔ We pledge that we are lovers of the environment and that we will do everything in our power to protect it.  ✔ We pledge to raise our animals in a humane and loving manner that allows them to live as free, happy and loved animals.  ✔ We Pledge to never till our soil unless there is an extenuating circumstance.  ✔ We pledge to be transparent in all of our business practices and marketing.  ✔ We pledge to give back to our community by means of education and to always share all that we know.  ✔ We pledge that we, our family, will do everything within our ability, to eat local, and to only support local restaurants and stores when available.  ✔ We pledge to give back to our community by being a voice for environmental stewardship and the importance of local, sustainable and pure food.  ✔ We pledge to use local sources, when available, and when they meet sustainable and purity standards as set forth in this pledge, for all inputs and feed on our farm.  ✔ We pledge to partner with other like-minded farmers and to support our farming community and to never judge them for where they are - as long as they are making active strides to improve toward similar goals.  ✔ We pledge to continuously improve and to strive to be a greater steward of the earth, supporter of our local community and to never stop learning and increasing our awareness of growing practices that bring health to our community and our planet.  ✔ We pledge to give back to the community a percentage of everything that we grow or raise.  ✔ We pledge to allow customers to pay-what-they-can-afford and to never turn away a hungry person when within the financial parameters and reasonable ability of the farm and our family.  ✔ We pledge to always pay our employees the best we can and to NEVER give ourselves a raise until we give them one first.  ✔ We pledge that just because we are not “there” yet, and are not perfect, that we will not settle for the status-quo.       

We pledge to never compromise on these values. Ever.


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