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📢Only 4 Weeks Left to Reserve a FALL CSA! 🌾

The Fall season starts the first week of October and goes for 12 weeks through December!

If you are not already on auto-renewal, sign up for our Fall 2023 season before shares are gone. Quantities are limited during the cooler months!

🥕🥬🥕🥬 🥕🥬🥕🥬🥕🥬🥕🥬🥕🥬🥕🥬🥕🥬🥕🥬🥕🥬🥕🥬🥕🥬🥕🥬🥕

🥕12 weeks of pure, beyond-organic produce harvested fresh within just days of delivery!

🥕No chemicals, GMO's or sprays of ANY Kind - just pure, clean regeneratively grown goodness!

🥕No-till, tractor-free, handcrafted, heirloom veggies!

🥕Door to door delivery available.

🥕Multiple locations for CSA pickup: Denver, Peyton, Colorado Springs, Monument, Fountain and Woodland Park

🥕We offer many discounts for local, or auto-renewal options, different payment methods, veterans and more! Save up to 15%!

🥕All Pricing is Pay-What-You-Can-Afford

🥕Flexible and personalized payment plans!

🥕Free classes and benefits for members

🥕Every membership supports families in need through our donations and grant programs (over $500k donated since 2018!)


We offer a ton of discounts! For example, SNAP members automatically get 50% off, local farm pickup members get up to 15% off, BOGO discounts, cash discounts and more!


Auto-renewal memberships are the BEST way to support Ahavah Farm! By signing up for auto-renewal, Ahavah Farm can count on your support and have a foundation from which to build our budget. WE LOVE OUR AUTO-RENEWAL MEMBERS so we want to say thank you with tons of discounts - TONS! Check them out here 👉


We know that times are tough for many people, and as part of our mission to support and give back to our community, we have made it our pledge to never turn away a hungry or hurting family unless we absolutely cannot. Please ask, we want our food to go to those who need it the most because we love you.


Paying for a few months of groceries up front can be a huge challenge for anyone and we get that!

That's why we offer flexible payment plans to meet YOUR budget!

Choose weekly, monthly or "other" and customize it to what works for you! We also offer an online, third-party option through Paypal.

Please e-mail us at TODAY to set up a payment plan that won't hurt your budget!

We hope you join us for another amazing season!


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