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Important Letter to Our Community.

Please take a few minutes to read our important message below.

Dear Community,

Times are very tough and we are all feeling it. Over the years we have improved steadily - improving upon our quality, our efficiencies, our management and communication, our classes and events and even our outreach. All aspects of the farm are the best they have ever been, we are making a larger impact on our community than ever before and our CSA is now one of the best CSA's this area of Colorado has ever seen and one of the tops in the nation! Yet, our costs have gone through the roof (quadrupling in some areas) and our sales have also plummeted. Even though we have STILL not raised our prices since 2019, and we aren't planning on doing so now, the #1 reason we are given for the lack of sign-ups by members is fear of the economy. We certainly can't lower our prices, but raising them now also seems like a poor choice, yet, to keep our prices low, and to save our beloved programs and our team, we need your help - and we need it bad!

Instead of raising our CSA prices (again, not since 2019), we have decided to focus on increasing efficiencies, reducing waste and improving our sales volume. By adding another greenhouse (already paid for) and by cutting out waste, we will be able to produce more food for more people with the current team that we have, without having to raise costs - this is where our community can help:

We need your help in spreading the word, encouraging people to sign up for memberships and by sharing with as many people as you can about our wonderful farm and how we impact our community. As an incentive, we are offering a $35.00/per person referral opportunity for you and the friend you refer. We are also offering a 5% new-member discount and as always there are many other discounts available (10% vetarans, 10% crypto, 5% auto-renewal, 3% by cash etc.), and we always offer flexible payment plans based on individual needs, while SNAP members automatically receive 50% off. By sharing our flyers, newsletters and social-media posts, you can make a big impact in helping our farm and our amazing team of employees to continue to thrive. If there are any other ways that you can think of that can help our farm sell more CSA memberships, we would be very grateful! Thank you!

With love,

The Camire Family and the entire Ahavah Farm team!


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