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Ahavah Community Initiative wants to help families in need by giving you a FREE bag of freshly harvested, local, organic veggies EVERY WEEK!!! - See below for details.

Ahavah Community Initiative's SUMMER Application for a FREE DONATED Veggie-Share MEMBERSHIP is NOW OPEN!

If you, or someone you know are struggling to afford fresh, local and organic food and would be grateful to receive a bag of fresh vegetables every week for 13 weeks, please apply today by clicking the link below.

✔Applying and receiving your vegetables is anonymous and only takes 2 minutes!

✔Have you received a donation in the past? That's OK! We still want you to apply!

✔Need door-to-door delivery? We offer door-to-door delivery to donated members who need it!

✔Growing a garden this year? We are offering donated garden plants from Ahavah Farm Nursery to those who request them!

(Deadline to apply is June 5th, 2022)


More details, including a way to support this opportunity can be found below:

Can you help adopt a family in need?
"The blessing that we have received from Ahavah Community Initiative is beyond words. Our family is very grateful for all the love and donations made by this special community." - Rachel W.

When families fill out the application and are approved, Ahavah Community Initiative donates a CSA membership (veggie share) to that family. The family then receives all the benefits of the CSA membership; this includes all classes, tours, produce, and access to all of our vendor cooperative programs and more.

The more donations we receive the more people we can help ...and there are a lot of hurting people. Please don't put this off, every single $1 helps. #sharetheahavah #ahavahmeanslove


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