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Fall Week 9 Packing List, Extras & Farm Update!


Good Morning Everyone!

First and foremost this extremely cold weather is unusual for our fall season! We usually expect this weather during our midwinter season, so it has been surprising and something we have had to make adjustments for.

Due to this☝🏻 our harvest numbers have been lower than anticipated and growth has been slower than we normally experience this time of year. We are hoping for things to warm up in the coming weeks!

Even though we do not have as much variety as we usually do this time of year, we will still have some beautiful and tasty veggies for you this week! If you have not already done so, try out the swiss chard root! We included some recipe ideas with your CSA this week. It would be a tasty addition to your soup!☺️👍

📢All Monument Members will be traditional shares this week due to the cold weather and wind. If you would like to switch to a Farm or RFD pick up tomorrow instead- so you can still have a Market style share- please email us at ASAP and we will switch you over.

If you know of a facility who would allow us to run a pickup each week indoors, would you please email us? We are actively searching for an indoor location in the Monument area so that we do not have these issues with the weather changes. Thank you! ❄️❄️❄️

📢Remember! If you are not on auto renewal, and you would like a winter share, please go to to reserve yours today! We have less than 50 shares left for the Winter season!📢


💡💡💡Don't forget that we sell extras every week! 😁


For Payment: Cash or Check at the drops or the balance can be sent via PayPal to or Venmo to 719-233-7828 or by credit card or regular debit cards via Square!!!

⌛ Updated Thanksgiving week schedule! Please note that all pick up times are the same as they are normally! We will be doing all pick ups and deliveries on November 23rd next week. The due date has passed to issue holds with a credit for Thanksgiving week, but we can move you to a different pick up if the time is more convenient. You can also purchase delivery still or have someone pick up for you if needed. Please let us know!

⌛ If you would like to pre-order your garden starts for next year at an amazing price, look no further than Ahavah Nursery and Garden Center's Black Friday online sale! Get 25% off on 11/25/22!

💡DON'T FORGET💡 Ahavah Community Initiative (ACI) is always fundraising to be able to offer free or subsidized CSA memberships to families in need. For the months of NOVEMBER and December our GIVE campaign is running! If you would like to donate, please scan this QR code! It is quick and easy and donations will be matched!

😃 Bring A Buck to your pick-up location and help feed families in our community!

What's in your bag this week?

Week 9: November 17th & November 18th


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