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🍂ATTENTION!!📢📢Fall Shares are NOW OPEN🍂

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Fall Shares open for registration- SEASON STARTS THE 1st WEEK OF October 2023 and is 12 weeks long!

If you are not already on auto-renewal, sign up for our Fall 2023 season before shares are gone. Quantities are limited during the cooler months!

🥕🥬🥕🥬 🥕🥬🥕🥬🥕🥬🥕🥬🥕🥬🥕🥬🥕🥬🥕🥬🥕🥬🥕🥬🥕🥬🥕🥬🥕

🌱If you live in the 80808 or 80831 zip codes, please email us about our Locals Discount!!

🌱Get 12 weeks of the freshest, most nutrient-dense produce you can find during the colder fall months!

🌱Veggie-shares are picked up or delivered weekly.

🌱The PUREST produce you can find! No chemicals. No fertilizers. No sprays. No pesticides. Heirloom varieties. Grown 100% in nutrient dense soil. Regenerative and biodynamic growing methods, renewable solar energy, carbon NEGATIVE farming and more!

🌱Save money! ZERO PRICE INCREASES since 2019!!

🌱12 Weeks of local veggies HARVESTED FRESH just for you each week!

🌱Free classes, discounts, major events and tours.

🌱Save 5% by selecting "Auto-renew" at checkout!

🌱Support Ahavah Community Initiative (501c3) and support families in need with every membership!

🌱More convenience, choice and flexibility with our market style (you choose) or traditional (prepacked) memberships.

🌱Microgreen CSA add-on option for ONLY $14.50/wk (save 17% per week)!!

🌱Never miss a share with our vacation holds, credits and double shares!

🥕🥬🥕🥬 🥕🥬🥕🥬🥕🥬🥕🥬🥕🥬🥕🥬🥕

We hope you join us for another amazing season!


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