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Updated: Aug 30

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Hello FaRmily! The Fall transition is upon us with cold nights and hot days. The nights are getting to the low 40's and it won't be long before the first frost is upon us. It's coming very soon and will be here before you know it - September 15th is our average for this area.

For now, there is a little bit of a rush around the farm trying to get all the late-season harvest in while also trying to get all the beds planted for the Fall. So far the onions have been harvested, cured and are now in storage to be used throughout the Fall and Winter. The harvest wasn't the best we've ever had, due to a loss of transplants that occurred in the Spring and then a loss of a portion of the crop in the early Summer. We still managed to harvest almost 800lbs though - all of which will be available to our CSA members ONLY. This week we continue to plant as many beds as possible and then next week it is on to the POTATOES (helpers needed!)!

There are some really important last-minute deadlines and some important upcoming events you don't want to miss, so please continue on and enjoy the newsletter!

Have a Blessed Week!,