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Ahavah Community Newsletter

Updated: 3 days ago

July 9th, 2024 - SUMMER CSA Season Week 5

What's Inside This Week?

👉A special THANK YOU to our sponsors - 719Heroes at Sellstate Alliance Realty

👉Wheat-Sensitivity and Gluten Notice - IMPORTANT UPDATE

👉Featured Vegetable & Recipe of the Week: "Carrots"

👉 Monthly Giveaway - get $60.00!

👉This Week's Article - ⭐IMPORTANT. PLEASE READ⭐ "Grasshopper Update and Crop Status"

👉Featured Gardening Tip of the Week: "Drip vs. Overhead Irrigation. Exploring the Benefits and Drawdowns of both."

👉 CSA Tip of the Week "The Weekly Adventure Starts with the Purity of YOUR Produce!

👉Upcoming schedule of events for July

👉Must-Read Announcements

👉Featured Vendor of the Week: "Come to the Table"

👉Farmer's Market Update w/ Vendor List and Veggie availability.

👉*NEW* Also: Don't miss our "Around the Farm" this week, our announcements, our "Weekly Harvest List" and more!


Shalom our Dear Friends and FaRmily!

I hope this newsletter brings you a joyful reprieve from your busy weeks! As most of you know, the Summer Festival was a delightful disaster😭! It was well-planned and the vendors were all delighted to be there and for the first 45 minutes or so, it was a HUGE success...then the clouds rolled in. Then the rain came. Then the hail...then more rain! Oh, it was a painful experience, and I don't mean just from the hail bonking on our heads 🤕, it was freezing🥶! None of us could have ever believed it, but our breath was showing on the cold air and EVERYONE was soaked through and through - never have I experienced a colder July day, and weren't we so lucky it happened during our festival 😜?!

Thankfully we had a lot of cover for everyone, from the playground shelters, to the tents and even a large greenhouse that we converted into an indoor dining hall with kids activities (we were able to turn the heat on in the dining hall, so everyone that made it in there was nice and warm and the bonfire outside was also raging, so that really warmed up the rest of us as we all hung around it and roasted marshmallows. Unfortunately, due to the weather, we had to shut the festival down early. What a bummer! But, you know, almost all of the vendors were in positive spirits and although it wasn't the best festival ever, all the vendors created lot's of memories and sent us warm greetings to let us know that they loved the festival ANYWAY! What troopers!

Although we didn't reach our financial goal for Ahavah Community Initiative (by a long shot!) we were able to break even on the festival costs through our amazing sponsors (see below) and we created a lot of awareness. We were still able to raise a few thousand dollars which will go straight to feeding families in need, so any progress towards that goal is a blessing indeed! If you couldn't make it to the festival this time around and would like to make a small donation to help us come closer to reaching our goal of feeding our local families in need, you can do so by sending a Paypal donation to: ACI@AHAVAHCOMMUNITY.ORG

And if you couldn't make it out for the Summer fest, put the Fall fest on your calendar for September 22nd from 2pm to 7pm. We hope you come, because, mother nature can't hate us that bad...can she😬!?


Please see our article below for an important update on our grasshopper situation and the current state of our crops. Things are not looking good out there and we are truly struggling to get this major infestation (the worst in over 40 years, so we are told) under control. We are confident that the end of the season will have a big turnaround, especially as we head into the cooler months of Fall, but for now, please check out the article below title "Grasshopper Update."


As mentioned recently, due to the grasshoppers and the total and outright decimation of many of our crops, we are still struggling with the variety and abundance of the crops. this will make it difficult for us to provide a wide-ranging array of veggies for the next 3 to 4 weeks. However, with that said, we still have plenty of crops that haven't been completely destroyed and considering the circumstances, the CSA looks rather nice this week and although the variety and value might be a little down, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Carrots, scallions, arugula, lettuce and kale are the highlights this week. The squash is starting to come on this week and the tomatoes and cucumbers and peppers are close behind as well.

These items along with the rest of the varieties (all listed below in the "This Week's Harvest" section below) will make up your shares. As always, don't forget to see the "What's in your Bag" sections this week to get all the details.


HOLY MOLEY it is going to be HOT🥵 - HOT♨️ - HOT🔥 on Friday! Thank goodness we have the water-games 💦 out for all this week! From kiddie pools, sprinklers and squirt guns to a nice splash pad and plenty of water toys for the littles to play with, it should be just enough to keep everyone nice and cool!

As for the vendors this week, we have a fantastic lineup with many of the same vendors we are all used to seeing every week like our amazing coffee☕, sourdough🥖, grass-fed meat🥩 and many of our craft vendors🧶, pickles🥒 and more too! Don't forget the yummy tamale's 🫔 for lunch and you can wash it down and keep cool with a delicious fresh-squeezed lemonade 🍋🍋from a new vendor this week: "Double E's Fresh Squeezed Lemonade."

As for the veggies this week - we have plenty available. With a fewer number of varieties then last week, we still will have over 15 varieties of veggies available at the market this week, you can be sure to get what you need for your weekend barbeques and family dinners! 🥕🥬

You can learn more about all of this below, so don't forget to check out our "Upcoming Events" listings below, our "Events - A Look Ahead" section and also for more information on this week's Farmer's Market, the vegetables available at our stand and all the vendors that will be coming this week, please see our "Farmer's Market Update" section below as well!


This week's newsletter is a FANTASTIC one that you don't want to miss! With all new articles, videos, pictures and content, this is a jam-packed newsletter! Don't miss our new gardening tip of the week, a new July giveaway, some important updates and of course, a new veggie of the week with recipe! Enjoy the newsletter and spread the word!

We love you all, our beautiful FaRmily!!!

Farmer Yosef and Family!




The Ahavah Community Initiative (501c3) board has met this week and we have approved the Summer CSA FREE membership applications and there were a total of 43 memberships that were approved!!

We are so honored to be able to help out our community in this way, and we simply could not turn down these members!  HOWEVER, the budget for these 43 memberships will be a total of almost $24,000 to go towards fulfilling these struggling families. We approved the memberships on faith that our community will not only come together and support these hurting families, but will also spread the word and work hard to get this food paid for so we can continue to provide for our community in this way!

PLEASE help your neighbors who are struggling! DONATE TODAY AND SPREAD THE WORD! We can't thank you enough and we KNOW you will come through and help!


100% of every penny donated to this campaign will go STRAIGHT and only to these local community families.  Please consider a donation today!


Words cannot express our deep heartfelt gratitude for the incredible support and love that Ahavah Community Initiative (501c3) and our entire community have received from this incredible group! "719 Heroes at Sellstate Alliance Realty is a group of REALTORS® who are Homes for Heroes Affiliates in Colorado Springs and Pueblo with a mission to give back to those who have sacrificed to protect, educate, heal, and serve our local community. From helping heroes buy and sell homes to hosting local events to raise and donate money to local causes, we strive to repay even the smallest debt to those who give their all every single day."

Their generous sponsorship of our recent event has allowed us the opportunity to provide free

food for up to 10 local families for an entire growing season. This support means the world to us and to the families who will benefit from the fresh, nutritious produce. We are profoundly grateful for their commitment to our community and their unwavering support.

Thank you, 719 Heroes at Sellstate Alliance Realty, for your incredible generosity. Your sponsorship not only made our festival possible but also created a ripple of positive impact that will be felt throughout our community. We couldn’t have done it without you, and we look forward to continuing this wonderful partnership to serve and uplift our local heroes.

Please go to to learn more and support this incredible organization!

👩‍🌾Around the Farm This Week👩‍🌾

👉 Despite the worst grasshopper damage our farm has ever seen, and Colorado has seen in 40 years, our CSA shares are still looking beautiful. We are very confident that although the variety and abundance may take a hit for a few weeks, we will return to normal, particularly as the cooler months of fall come around!

👈Look at those beautiful smiles😁! A loving community is a happy community! ❤️

👉Months of preparation go into hosting a festival like this. The organization and planning was the best we have had yet...hopefully we can put our experience to work to make the Fall festival even better!

👈Our volunteers are just the best! Here is Ms. Monica helping out in the nursery!

Though the festival was a washout, it was fun for a little while! The Fall one should be AMAZING! September 22nd from 2pm to 7pm!👇👇

👇Just check out those grasshoppers! ...and that poor, poor basil!!! 😭

Get in Early - Fall season registration is NOW OPEN!


(*Auto-renewal members are already registered and your spots are secured)

🍂Fall is the BEST season of them all! Just when all the Summer Farmer's Market's close down for the year is when the best season really gets started! Fall is the only time of the year that we have pretty much every variety available - from summer tomatoes and cucumbers and peppers to cooler crop lettuce, kale and greens to the fall squashes and pumpkins!

If you are looking for the freshest, purest and most nutrient-dense vegetables you can when the local farmer's market's call it quits, then you don't want to miss the Ahavah Farm FALL CSA Veggie-Share! 12 weeks of the best veggies you can find. It's the best season of them all!

Go to to register for our Fall season Community Supported Agriculture Veggie-Shares and get weekly bags of the freshest, most nutrient-dense vegetables available!!

🥕The highest quality, 100% local, produce you can find, harvested and delivered fresh every week!

😝Pure, chemical-free, regeneratively grown produce.

💳Flexible payment options.

💲Many discounts are available - see website!

📌4 Locations for CSA pickup (Peyton, Co. Springs, Denver and Monument).

🚚Door to Door delivery options available!

🫰Got SNAP!? Get 50% off your CSA share automatically!

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Every share supports families in need through donations.

💪Flexible CSA options, holds, credits and more.

🧑‍🏫Classes, events, tours and community opportunities.

⭐100% of everything we sell is grown and harvested and delivered by Ahavah Farm and Ahavah Farm ONLY - All produce is grown 100% on our farm in Peyton Colorado, near Colorado Springs without a single chemical, in rich, composted soil. We use biodynamic principles to grow the purest, most nutrient-dense vegetables available and deliver them to you fresh, every week!


Our mission at Ahavah Farm is to "provide health to our region, healing to our earth and love to our community by growing the purest and most environmentally responsible food available" and we are proud to say that we have never given up on our mission or compromised our values throughout all of these years.


Our mission has never been about making profit, getting wealthy or about anything other than service to you and to our planet. We strive to grow the freshest, purest, most sustainably grown produce that we are able to, without compromises and we want those that need the food the most to be the ones to get it! That's why we have so many options to make your support of our farm to be more convenient and more affordable!


Whether you pay with SNAP benefits, make monthly or weekly payments, whether you simply

share the support with your neighbors or you simply are having a difficult time making ends meet, we want to serve you and we want you and our whole community to flourish!


We hope you will sign up for our four-season CSA, whether for one season or for them all, and we want to make it easy for you to do so with the following opportunities:


Pay What You Can Afford

Times are tough, and getting PURE food is difficult for so many. Support your local farm, eat fresh, pure, chemical-free food with our Pay-What-You-Can-Afford program! All of our prices are suggested prices and if you can’t afford the suggested price, please be blessed by paying what you can! Select “CASH PAYMENT” at checkout and send us an e-mail telling us how much you can afford! No questions asked! It’s that simple!

Refer-A-Friend and Get $25.00

When you tell a friend or neighbor about our CSA program, not only do you get $25.00, but your friend ALSO get’s $25.00 too! After your friend signs up, simply have them send us an e-mail telling us who referred them and you BOTH get $25.00 for free food!


Flexible, No-Fee, No-Interest Payment Plans

The lump-sum of paying for your CSA share can be inconvenient! That’s why we allow all of our members to pay us, not only WHAT they can, but WHEN they can! These payment plans are INTEREST-FREE and flexible to YOUR needs! Simply select “CASH PAYMENT” at checkout and send us an e-mail to work out a plan that works for YOU!


Got SNAP? Get 50% Off Automatically!

Saving 50% off is a “SNAP” when you pay with your EBT / SNAP benefits! That’s right, when you pay your CSA share with your SNAP benefits you AUTOMATICALLY get 50% off of your CSA membership and all of our veggies at all of our stands! Eating pure has never been more affordable! Simply select “CASH PAYMENT” at checkout and send us an e-mail to let us know you will be paying with your SNAP / EBT benefits!



  1. Go to and scroll down to select the size share you want (all the details are found there).


2. When checking out select "CASH PAYMENT"


3. Send us a quick e-mail and let us know you will be paying with SNAP or making a payment plan, or let us know how much you are able to afford so we can work with you to make a plan that fits YOUR budget!


Please spread the word and let us know if you have any questions!


PS. We do not get subsidized for any of our vegetables. Not from any one person or from any organization. Ahavah Farm is a for-profit, family farm, but we simply can't stand to see people struggling to feed their families our nutrient-dense produce, when it's needed. The only two things we ask in return is that you tell others about our family's generosity and that you don't take advantage of our generosity. THANK YOU!!!



Refer a friend to Ahavah Farm's CSA and you BOTH will receive $25 in credit to use ANYTIME you want! Use to buy extra vegetables, or take $25 off your next CSA purchase - your credit will never expire!

New members simply send an e-mail to to let us know who referred you and you BOTH receive your $25 certificate!  It's that easy!😁

Weekly Farmer's Market Update

Ahavah Community Indoor / Outdoor Farmer's Market

Every Friday from 10am to 1pm!

HOLY MOLEY it is going to be HOT🥵 - HOT♨️ - HOT🔥 on Friday! Thank goodness we have the water-games 💦 out for all this week! From kiddie pools, sprinklers and squirt guns to a nice splash pad and plenty of water toys for the littles to play with, it should be just enough to keep everyone nice and cool!

As for the vendors this week, we have a fantastic lineup with many of the same vendors we are all used to seeing every week like our amazing coffee☕, sourdough🥖, grass-fed meat🥩 and many of our craft vendors🧶, pickles🥒 and more too! Don't forget the yummy tamale's 🫔 for lunch and you can wash it down and keep cool with a delicious fresh-squeezed lemonade 🍋🍋from a new vendor this week: "Double E's Fresh Squeezed Lemonade."

As for the veggies this week - we have plenty available. With a fewer number of varieties then last week, we still will have over 15 varieties of veggies available at the market this week, you can be sure to get what you need for your weekend barbeques and family dinners! 🥕🥬

Here are the list of Vendors you can expect to see this week:

✅Ahavah Farm-Beyond Organic Veggies🥕

✅The Sourdough Boulangerie🥖

✅J Jr's Freeze Dried Treats🍭

✅Good Shephard Coffee Roasters☕

✅Double E's Fresh Squeezed Lemonade🍋

✅Simply Blessed Boutique-Crafts & More🏺

✅CC's Tamales🫔

✅Scent Together - Candles🕯️

✅Minions Ranch - Grassfed and Pastured Meats and Eggs🥩

✅What's Your Bag?🛍️

✅Come to the Table.💐

✅Garza Farm - Pickles and More🥒

✅Ahavah Farm Nursery🪴

✅The Chicken Math Professor - Hatching eggs and chicks🐣


🥕🥬🌱Vegetables (and fruit*) at the Farmer's Market this week

(JULY 12th)

Cherries, Carrots, Scallions, Kale, Cilantro, Arugula, Radishes, Lettuce, Beets, Turnips, Squash, Living Herbs, Plants, Sunflower Shoots, Pea Shoots, Broccoli Microgreens, Radish Microgreens, Wheat Grass

(For CSA location "extras", please see below in the "Extra Vegetables" section below)

*Fruit is certified organic from Austin Family Farms, a farm we trust and have known for many years and have partnered with to provide the purest fruit around.


Come to the Table Flowers

Our market has been blessed to have some of the most amazing flowers available and you can get their amazing bouquets at our local market, here, on Friday!

Owner and grower Angi is as sweet as they come. Faith-based and strong to her convictions, her bouquets are a representation of her love for life, her customers and for G-d.

Angi does more than just sell at markets. She offers a Community Supported Agriculture program (similar to Ahavah Farm veggies) for weekly bouquets. She also offers services to provide for special events, like weddings and more.

Her website is beautiful, and her Facebook page is active and well-managed. Angi's future is bright and we want you to support this wonderful new grower with outstanding standards of providing the most beautiful flowers available!

Check Angi and "Come To the Table" at and follow her on Facebook at


We are so excited about our current line-up of vendors, but we are still seeking more!  

✅FREE MARKET for all vendors!

✅100% of raised funds goes to feeding LOCAL FAMILIES IN NEED!

✅PERMANENT tents! No need to bring a tent - just come and set up under ours!

✅Indoors and heated on COLD days!

✅GUARANTEED traffic of 200-350 people+ per market!

✅FRIDAY's from 10am to 1pm  

👉If you are a local vendor and are interested in attending our farmer's market, please reach out directly at and we will send you information and the vendor agreement.

July Monthly Give-Away!

Every month we will be having a monthly give-away for our members and non-members. Here is this week's MONTHLY GIVE-AWAY!

Recommend Ahavah Farm on Facebook and get $5.00!

If you have a Facebook account and want to support our farm by "recommending" us, we will give you $5.00 to use at any of our CSA locations or at our Farmer's Market.

To recommend a business on Facebook, you can do the following:

  1. Go to the business's Facebook page.

  2. Click the Reviews tab.

  3. Click Yes or No to recommend the page.

  4. Write a review that's at least 25 characters long.

  5. In the Sharing section, select who can see your review.

  6. Click "Post"

Grasshopper Update

The last twelve to twenty-four months have been the best 12-24 months of Ahavah Farm. The crops, the consistency, the value, the abundance, the management and so much more. However, it can't be perfect all of the time, and right now we are having a terrible season. Let's just call it as it is...this summer stinks! The battle against the grasshoppers continues and is not letting up. Though, the flour has been "slightly" successful, it may have been too little too late. Not only did we learn that washing off the flour is not as easy as we thought (so the labor aspect is insane), but it's not really knocking down the grasshoppers as we had anticipated, so we have decided to stop this method (see our notice above).

So far we have tried pepper spray, garlic spray, collecting in bins, using vacuum's, spreading flour, rotating ducks through our gardens and none of it has worked - and some actually destroyed the crops (i.e. the ducks). Things like diatomaceous earth and neem oil only work a little bit, are expensive, and they go against our purity standards - so those are out. Chemicals are an obvious no-no, and things like nolo bait are only for the springtime nymphs. In truth, the only things that seem to have been working is the bin-running (where we take a bin and run through the greenhouse brushing the grasshoppers into the bins and capturing them - see video below). We have tried everything we can think of and again, barely anything is working. The grasshoppers are destroying our farm and we are crushed.

The truth is that the CSA shares WILL suffer in variety and availability until we get past this and I wanted to give everyone an update on the current state of our crops. Below you will see a list of decimated or partially decimated crops. This list means that either you will NOT be receiving any of these in your shares ( Completely Decimated), you may receive some, but the amount will be severely limited compared to what was planned (Mostly Decimated), you may receive these in your shares but with damaged leaves etc. (Major Damage) and of course, the rest follow a similar pattern.

We are doing the absolute best that we can to mitigate this incredible infestation of grasshoppers and making every possible change that we are able to in order to ensure that your value continues to be our highest priority. We are thankful for everyone's patience and understanding and we are confident that although your crops may be affected in the short-term (next 4 weeks or so), we believe we will turn this around quickly and the end of the season should return to normal, particularly as we head into Fall. Thank you!

Basil - Completely Decimated

Mint - Completely Decimated

Chives - Completely Decimated

Peas - Completely Decimated

New seedlings (Carrots, turnips, radishes, scallions etc.) - Completely Decimated

Potatoes - Mostly Decimated (may recover...but not sure)

Lettuce - Mostly Decimated

Cabbage - Mostly Decimated

Green Beans - Mostly Decimated

Radishes - Mostly Decimated

Turnip Tops - Mostly Decimated

Onions - Major Damage

Scallions - Major Damage

Leeks  - Major Damage

Swiss chard - Major Damage

Mustard - Major Damage

Dill - Major Damage

Kale  - Some Damage

Beets - Some Damage

Arugula - Some Damage

Fennel - Some Damage

Squash - Minor Damage

Tomatoes - Minor Damage

Cucumbers - Minor Damage

Cilantro - Minor Damage

Established Carrots - Minor Damage

Winter Squash - Minor Damage

Pumpkins - Minor Damage

Parsley - Minor Damage

We haven't stopped doing everything in our power to eradicate these guys, but it feels like a never-ending battle!! here's a fun option (though when done in the morning, when they are less-active, we caught literally thousands! This was a re-do in the afternoon and we caught way less.)👇👇

Ahavah Community Upcoming Schedule


👉July 5th @ 10am - 1pm:  FAMILY FRIENDLY! Ahavah Community INDOOR / OUTDOOR Spring Market

👉July 7th @ 4pm - 8pm:  FAMILY FRIENDLY! 10th Annual Summer Festival! Join over 2,000 people for an annual fundraising event, bonfire, shopping, activities and more!

👉July 12th @ 10am - 1pm:  FAMILY FRIENDLY! Ahavah Community INDOOR / OUTDOOR Spring Market

👉July 19th @ 10am - 1pm:  FAMILY FRIENDLY! Ahavah Community INDOOR / OUTDOOR Spring Market

👉July 19th @ 10am:  ADULT EDUCATION! Grow Your Own Microgreens with Lorin! - Register for this class by e-mailing

👉July 26th @ 10am:  FOR KIDS! The Wonderful World of BEES! - Register for this class by e-mailing

👉July 29th:  FREE FOOD APPLICATION! Applications for our Fall CSA membership application opens today! Go to for more information and to apply.


Can't make it to the Farm for the Friday Farmer's Market? THAT'S OK! Please be sure to check out the extras table at all of our CSA pickup locations: available for all members and even NON-MEMBERS!  

Simply come to any of the CSA locations on Thursday and Friday and pick up some of our beyond-organic veggies for sale!

(IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that selection is limited and the more requests and participation we receive, the more vegetables and varieties we will provide)

Food bearing plants also qualify for SNAP !!!

For Payment:  Cash or Check at the drops or the balance can be sent via PayPal to or via Venmo to 719-233-7828

Availability for "EXTRA's at the CSA pickup locations this week (Summer Week 5):

(see Farmer's Market Section, above, for market selection this week)

Carrots, Scallions, Radishes, Tomatoes, Arugula, Turnips, Squash, Lettuce, Kale, Beets, Living Herbs, Plants, Sunflower Shoots, Pea Shoots, Broccoli Microgreens, Radish Microgreens, Wheat Grass

Microgreen CSA Shares Are Available! Sign Up Today and SAVE 💲💲💲!

Microgreen CSA Share: 3 Servings of Microgreens EVERY WEEK! Save 17%!!!

Love our microgreens but haven't signed up for a Microgreen CSA?  

All Packaging is Compostable and Green!👉

We pride ourselves on our microgreen quality as being not only absolutely pure - grown without chemicals, fertilizers or inefficient energy (we grow with 100% solar, renewable energy!), but they are absolutely beautiful, long-lasting and delicious!  We really can't rave enough!

WHAT'S IN A SHARE?  In your Microgreen CSA you will receive a combination of 3 microgreens every week with the option to purchase add-ons and extras when available.

Pickup locations and times are the same as Ahavah Farm Veggie Share CSA but you do not have to be a veggie-share member to be a microgreen CSA member - these are two independent programs combined into one.

🚨Updated Member Benefits🚨

🚨Easy & Flexible Payment Plans!🚨

🥕Paypal  "Pay Later" options on the website! These are no-credit check, interest-free online payment plans so you can make 4 smaller payments directly through Paypal. Ahavah Farm benefits as well by paid immediately, thereby providing the farm liquidity, while giving our members flexibility and ease of mind!

🥕We also still have FLEXIBLE and CUSTOMIZABLE offline pay plans in place if you would prefer to make payments via check. Please email us at if you would like more information on offline payment plan and to set up your payment schedule.

Founded in April of 2018, our mission is to connect people who are facing food insecurity due to financial struggles to locally-farmed, regeneratively-grown produce, and to provide education centered around healthy living and environmental consciousness. We do this by offering donated memberships to a local CSA program. Memberships include a weekly bag of produce along with discounted (often free) farm tours, classes, and events.

We want to help participate in the creation of a local food-system-economy, build on a diversity of local and regenerative food education and provide activities and children's events centered around environmentally responsible agriculture and pure, beyond-organic, local food.

"HI! Did you BRING-A-BUCK Today?!"

Oh the amazing power of community and crowdfunding!

Every week, at all of the CSA locations, we have a bin or jar that looks similar to this.  As being a part of Ahavah Farm is also about being a part of a community, we ask all of our members to bring one - five dollars with them every week to help us provide a CSA membership to a family in need next season.

Don't say your dollar isn't important! The only way crowdfunding works is if we all participate.  Your $1-$5 is vitally important and it is directly through this program that we raise the majority of ACI's food donation funds than any other fundraising program, and yet it is the absolute easiest for all of our members to participate!

During the Fall season, your Bring-A-Buck dollars will allow us to donate Fall CSA shares to families facing food insecurity and to offer subsidized shares to struggling families as well.


Gardening Tip of the Week

"Drip vs. Overhead Irrigation. Exploring the Benefits and Drawdowns of both."

- By Yosef Camire

Watering your garden effectively is crucial for the health and productivity of your plants. While there are many irrigation methods available, two of the most commonly used, and the ones we use here at Ahavah Farm, are overhead irrigation and drip irrigation. Each method has its own set of advantages and specific applications where it excels. In this week's gardening tip, we'll explore the benefits of drip irrigation over overhead irrigation, highlighting the situations where each method shines. By understanding these differences, you can make informed decisions to maximize your garden's water usage and overall health.

Overhead irrigation involves watering plants from above, simulating natural rainfall. This method is excellent for direct-seeded crops, cooling down plants during hot weather, and managing certain pest pressures. However, it comes with its own set of challenges. Water loss due to evaporation and runoff can be significant, particularly in hot and windy conditions. Additionally, overhead watering can lead to the spread of diseases, as wet foliage provides an ideal environment for fungal and bacterial growth. Though this isn't much of an issue in Colorado, it can certainly be an issue in greenhouses. Despite these drawbacks, overhead irrigation remains a valuable tool for specific applications in the garden and on the farm.

On the other hand, drip irrigation delivers water directly to the base of plants through a network of tubes and emitters. This targeted approach offers numerous advantages, particularly for rooted plants and larger crops. One of the primary benefits of drip irrigation is its efficiency. By delivering water directly to the root zone, it minimizes evaporation and runoff, ensuring that more water reaches the plants. This method can save up to 50% more water compared to traditional overhead irrigation. In a state like Colorado, where water conservation is essential, this efficiency can make a significant difference.

Drip irrigation also promotes healthier plants by maintaining consistent soil moisture levels. Fluctuating soil moisture, often caused by overhead irrigation, can stress plants and affect their growth. With drip irrigation, the soil remains evenly moist, providing an optimal environment for root development. This consistent moisture can lead to higher yields and better-quality produce. Furthermore, by keeping the foliage dry, drip irrigation reduces the risk of diseases, contributing to the overall health of the garden.

One of the significant challenges with overhead irrigation is water wastage due to evaporation. In hot climates, like many parts of Colorado, a substantial amount of water can evaporate before it even reaches the soil. Drip irrigation addresses this issue by applying water directly to the root zone, significantly reducing evaporation. Studies have shown that drip irrigation can be up to 90% efficient in water usage, compared to 65-75% for overhead systems. This efficiency not only conserves water but also reduces the gardener's water bill, making it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Additionally, drip irrigation systems can be easily automated, providing consistent watering without the need for constant supervision. This automation is particularly beneficial for busy gardeners and farmers, as it ensures that plants receive the right amount of water even when you're not around. By installing a timer, you can set your system to water during the early morning or late evening when evaporation rates are lowest, further enhancing water efficiency.

Another crucial aspect to consider is the impact on soil health. Overhead irrigation can lead to soil erosion, especially on slopes or loose soil, as the force of water hitting the ground can displace soil particles. Drip irrigation, with its gentle and targeted application, minimizes soil erosion, preserving the soil structure and health. This preservation is vital for maintaining long-term soil fertility and preventing nutrient runoff.

Drip irrigation also offers the advantage of precision. Different plants have varying water needs, and drip systems allow you to tailor the amount of water each plant receives. By adjusting the emitters or using different types of emitters, you can ensure that each plant gets exactly what it needs, avoiding both overwatering and underwatering. This precision can lead to healthier plants and more efficient use of water resources.

While drip irrigation has numerous benefits, it's essential to acknowledge the situations where overhead irrigation excels. For direct-seeded crops, overhead irrigation is often the best choice. The water droplets from overhead irrigation tends to settle seeds into the soil and ensures they have adequate moisture to germinate. Additionally, during extremely hot weather, overhead irrigation can help cool down crops, preventing heat stress and potential damage. Overhead systems can also help manage certain pests, such as aphids, by washing them off the plants. This is why we choose to utilize both forms of irrigation in all of our gardens and we rotate them depending on the season and what we are trying to accomplish at any given time.

In conclusion, both drip and overhead irrigation have their place in the garden. Drip irrigation stands out for its water efficiency, precision, and ability to promote healthy plants by maintaining consistent soil moisture and reducing disease risk. It's particularly advantageous for rooted plants and larger crops. However, overhead irrigation remains valuable for direct-seeded crops, cooling plants in hot weather, and managing pest pressure. By understanding the strengths and limitations of each method, you can optimize your garden's irrigation system to meet the specific needs of your plants, conserving water and promoting a healthy, productive garden.


Our volunteers are the backbone of our organization and we couldn't do it without you...but we need more help!

We need help with so many things:

  • Construction Projects

  • Landscaping Projects

  • Composting Projects

  • Harvesting, washing and prep.

  • Weeding

  • Bag Packing

  • Teaching Classes

  • General farm cleanup

  • and a skill you want to share? Let us know!

Volunteering is Monday through Friday 9AM to 4PM.

Please let Beth know you are interested, she will send more information and necessary paperwork, and we will welcome you with open arms!

What's in your bags this week?

SUMMER Week 5 - July 11th and 12th



👏SMALL +8.25% 👏MEDIUM +15.12%👏17.38%


👏SMALL +3.25% 👏MEDIUM +10.12%👏12.38%


Market-Style Members Selection - Summer Week 5


CSA Tip of the Week!

The Weekly Adventure Starts with the Purity of YOUR Produce!

-By Yosef Camire

One of the greatest advantages of being a member of a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program is the assurance of the purity of the produce you receive. At Ahavah Farm, we take this commitment to purity to an unparalleled level, ensuring that the vegetables you bring to your table are not only fresher and tastier but also healthier for you and your family.

Our farm stands out because we go beyond-organic with our standards. Unlike typical farming practices that often rely heavily on synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, we at Ahavah Farm prioritize natural methods for pest control and soil fertility. This means that your CSA produce is grown in a way that maintains the integrity of the food, preserving its nutritional content and keeping it free from potentially harmful residues. We use crop rotation, cover cropping, and beneficial insects to manage pests and maintain soil health, ensuring that our vegetables are as pure and natural as possible.

Another significant aspect of food purity at Ahavah Farm is our commitment to transparency. As a member of our CSA, you have a direct connection to the source of your food. You know exactly how and where your vegetables are grown, and you can trust that they are cultivated with a deep commitment to sustainability and health. This level of transparency is often missing in conventional food systems, where long supply chains can obscure the origins and growing practices of your food.

Purity also extends to the environmental impact of your food. By supporting Ahavah Farm's CSA, you are contributing to agricultural practices that protect and preserve the environment. Our sustainable farming methods minimize pollution, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and conserve water and soil resources. This means that the pure, fresh vegetables you enjoy are grown in a way that supports a healthier planet, contributing to the overall well-being of our ecosystem.

Moreover, the purity of Ahavah Farm's produce enhances its flavor and nutritional value. Vegetables grown without synthetic chemicals often have a richer, more robust taste because they are allowed to develop naturally. Additionally, studies have shown that organic produce can contain higher levels of certain nutrients, including antioxidants, which are beneficial for your health.

As a member of Ahavah Farm's CSA, you can take pride in knowing that your commitment to Local - Sustainable - Pure (TM) agriculture is not only providing you with the purest, most nutritious food possible but also supporting farming practices that are better for the environment and future generations. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your food is grown with care, dedication, and a deep respect for nature. At Ahavah Farm, we hold ourselves to the highest standards, ensuring that our produce is beyond anyone else's in terms of purity and quality. Thank you for being a part of our community and for supporting our mission to provide the best possible food for you and your loved ones.

This Week's Harvest

As always, nothing is guaranteed. These are the items that are "in season" and are anticipated to be ready this week (which may or may not be available at the CSA).

  • Small = 4-6 items per week ($23.50/wk)

  • Medium = 7-9 items per week ($33.50/wk)

  • Large = 10-12 items per week ($43.50/wk)

  • Daikon Radishes - Add some spice to your life with these beauties! Gorgeous purple roots with tasty greens! Daikon radishes, crisp and mildly peppery, are versatile vegetables often used in Asian cuisine. They can be enjoyed raw in salads, pickled, or cooked in soups and stews. Daikon also adds a refreshing crunch and subtle heat to dishes.

  • Carrots - ⭐Our featured vegetable of the week (SEE BELOW).

  • Swiss Chard - Swiss chard is one of our absolute favorite items to saute. We love to put this into a cast-iron skillet with loads of garlic, salt and perhaps a little oil and cook it well. It's to die for! Want some more ideas? Check out this article HERE.

  • Cilantro - Full of aroma and great for that summer fiesta dish! CLICK HERE FOR SOME CILANTRO USES AND RECIPES.

  • Radishes - Radishes can be enjoyed in numerous ways (and we have done them all): Raw: Add them to salads for a crunchy texture and peppery flavor or simply eat them like the old-timers by dipping them in salt (my personal favorite way). Pickled: Pickling radishes can enhance their flavor and add a tangy twist to dishes. Roasted: Roasting radishes mellows their sharpness and brings out a slightly sweet taste. Cooked in Soups or Stews: Radishes can be added to soups and stews for a unique flavor and added nutrition.

  • Kohlrabi  - Yummy! The kohlrabi bulb tastes a lot like jicama if you have it raw. Peel it first and enjoy - or feel free to use in different ways - see here. The most important thing is that you DO NOT WASTE those greens! Those greens are the best part and are our favorite greens in the world! Great to saute!

  • Sweet Turnips  - By far, these are the most beloved vegetable we grow - I know, I know, it's a turnip...but is it really🤔!? No way is this a normal turnip! I'm telling you, if you have eaten them than you know, but if you haven't you will find out! Taste this amazingness raw - then, if you don't eat them all by the time you get home, then roasting them is our favorite way to eat them. We love to roast these turnips with garlic, or honey, or salt and pepper..but the truth? Raw...I'm telling you, the sweetness of these turnips is to die for! Our kids call them "Ground Ice Cream!"

  • Fennel - The fennel is one of our fan-favorites! Absolutely one of my most favorite raw veggies to chew on, I love just taking the greens and snacking on them for a fresh and clean feeling! DID YOU KNOW? Did you know that when you cook the fennel it changes flavor!? That's right, try it. Add some garlic and onions and whatever else and saute these beautiful bulbs for a delightful treat - or, better yet - DRY THEM! Hang those greens upside down and dry them and use them when you want to to add a wonderful flavor to pasta or salad! Need some help with creativity? TRY THESE RECIPES!

  • Living Herbs - We have tons of these beautiful herbs available - from mint, to basil, to chives, to marjoram...and more! - See our article on living herbs HERE.

  • Scallions -The whole scallion, from the root to the tip of the greens are not only edible, but DELICIOUS! Did you know that if you save those roots (about an inch above the bulb or so) and stick them in a glass of water you can grow new greens? It's true. Try it!

  • Red and Green Kales - The best tasting kale in the world! Great for soups and saute's, sure, but as a raw kale salad, massaged with tihini, nutz, cranberries and shredded carrots? It doesn't get any better. Then again, get help, click here are 30 ideas.

  • Lettuce - Not much to say about lettuce, except that it is wonderful and fresh and delightful and all that stuff! We love it. It's light and fluffy and delicious!

  • Dried Herbs - We have a mixture of dried herbs for you this week. We have dill, basil, mint and fennel.

  • Wheat Grass - Many of our members absolutely love our wheat grass and use it religiously. We hope you take the time to learn and enjoy this most amazingly nutritious green! Wheat grass is used mostly for juicing. However, I, Yosef (and many of our team members) love to use ian energy and nutrition

  • Radish Microgreens - Next to the barley grass and the sunshoots, radish microgreens are some of the most nutritiously-dense items we grow on the farm and not only that, but during our annual survey last year, they ranked as the #1 most requested and love item we grow! They have a fantastic bite to them, last considerably long in the refrigerator and are beautiful in appearance.

  • Kohlrabi - To us, the best part of the kohlrabi plant is not the bulb, but the leaves themselves. That's why it is one of our favorite greens to grow. The best way to eat them is either saute'd or as dehydrated chips with oil and salt. OH MY!

  • Pea Shoots - One of the most desired and sought after items we provide are these pea shoots! Quite literally the best you added to any dish or salad. Our favorite way is to add them to stews and soups. A perfect topper too! Here are four fun ways to use Pea Shoots:

  • Broccoli Microgreens - Last week we told you that Radish Microgreens were the #1 most loved item we grow, well, these microgreens weren't on the list then! I have a sneaking suspicion that these microgreens are the real winners!

  • Sunshoots - Our sunshoots are certainly some of the nicest, most high-quality sunshoots you will ever find (that actually goes for all our microgreens). They are one of the most beloved items we grow as well and a regular staple to our CSA. Here are some ideas to use your sunnies this week:

Veggie of the week!


Carrots are not just a staple in the kitchen; they're a delight for the taste buds, especially when they come from Ahavah Farm 😁. Our carrots, lovingly nicknamed "candy-carrots," are renowned for their exceptional sweetness. This distinctive flavor comes from our nutrient-dense soil and the freshness of our produce, ensuring each bite is bursting with natural goodness.

Enjoyed both raw and cooked, carrots are incredibly versatile and offer a range of culinary possibilities. Raw, they provide a satisfying crunch and a naturally sweet flavor that adds vibrancy to salads and vegetable platters. Cooked, they become tender and even sweeter, making them a perfect addition to soups, stews, and roasted dishes.

To truly savor the sweetness of our candy-carrots, consider trying this simple yet delicious recipe:

Roasted Carrots with Honey and Thyme


  • 1 bunch of Ahavah Farm candy-carrots, peeled and trimmed

  • 2 tablespoons olive oil

  • 2 tablespoons honey

  • 1-2 teaspoons fresh thyme leaves

  • Salt and pepper to taste


1. Preheat your oven to 400°F (200°C).

2. In a bowl, toss the peeled and trimmed carrots with olive oil, honey, fresh thyme leaves, salt, and pepper until evenly coated.

3. Arrange the carrots in a single layer on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

4. Roast the carrots in the preheated oven for 20-25 minutes, or until they are tender and caramelized, turning them halfway through to ensure even cooking.

5. Remove from the oven and serve hot as a delightful side dish or allow them to cool slightly and enjoy them as a tasty snack.

Our candy-carrots are not only a treat for your taste buds but also packed with nutrients like beta-carotene, which is essential for eye health and immune function. Their vibrant color and sweet flavor make them a favorite among both children and adults alike.

At Ahavah Farm, we take pride in growing carrots that are not only delicious but also nourishing. Our commitment to nutrient-dense soil and freshness ensures that each carrot you receive is of the highest quality, straight from our fields to your table. Enjoy the natural sweetness and goodness of our candy-carrots, and let them inspire your culinary creations this week.

Happy cooking!❤️


⚠ ⚠ ⚠ BAGS! We need your bags (PLEASE🙏) !!⚠ ⚠ ⚠

Thank you everyone for recycling your LARGE bags with us!  When we receive your bags we immediately quarantine them for 2 weeks before reusing them to ensure they are safe of any yuckies. Thank you for bringing them and any others you may have (we need any large PAPER-ONLY grocery bags you may have) THANK YOU!


Times are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. 

**Please be aware that it is your responsibility to check the weekly packing list for updated information and changes at 

North Colorado Springs @ The Dabler Residence


11:30 AM to 12:30 PM

726 Airman LN,

Colorado Springs, 80921


Denver @ The Jewish Experience 

2:30 PM to 3:30 PM
399 S. Monaco St. Denver CO 80246


Peyton @ Ahavah farm

During the Ahavah Community Market


10am to 1:00pm

7545 N. Log Rd., Peyton, CO 80831 


Central Colorado Springs @ Ranch Foods Direct


 11:30am to 12:30pm (All)

12:30pm to 6:00pm (Traditional ONLY)

4635 Town Center Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80916


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