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Bring Biodynamics to Your Backyard GardenTM

Bring biodynamics to your backyard gardenTM and replenish the microbial activity in your soil while reversing the effects of traditional fertilizers. 


The ONLY fertilizer we use on all of our beautiful produce, our beyond-organic Garden TeaTM is a foliar spray and soil additive that is loaded with trillions of healthy and thriving good microbial activity while being tested for E-coli, salmonella and other harmful bacteria. Spray directly on your leaves and into your soil to boost the organisms in your garden and give your plants the optimum nutrients they need to thrive.


Perfect for fruits, vegetables and plants of all kinds, it's even perfect to use on your lawn to create that lush carpet of grass you desire!


Backed by a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, this fertilizer, is literally the purest fertilizer you will ever find, period!


Grass-fed alpaca manure, the primary ingredient in Garden TeaTM is considered by many to be the best natural fertilizer on the planet. Loaded with N-P-K and combined with the powerful boost from our free-range chicken manure, this Tea is sure to give your garden the the nourishment it deserves. 


Garden TeaTM gives you the benefit of bringing bio-dynamic fertilization to your backyard garden without all the stress, the mess or the risk of brewing your own manure tea.  



  • Won't Burn

  • Sustainably Made

  • Beyond All Organic Standards

  • Natural Pest Control

  • Natural Fungicide

  • Delivers Vital Microbial Activity

  • Excellent Source of Nutrients

  • Will Restore Life to Unhealthy Plants

  • Reverse the effects from traditional fertilizers


Our Garden TeaTM is made sustainably with 100% solar energy.

See Our Special Offer Below
1 Quart (US)
1 Gallon (US)

$5 - $5 - $5 - $5 Offer:  Purchase directly from Ahavah Farm and receive a $5 gift certificate. Give a review on and receive another $5 certificate. Refer a friend or buy a 2nd bottle and receive another $5 certificate.  Save your bottle and receive $5 off your refill!*


Growing Since 1948

*$5-$5-$5-$5 offer is only valid with purchase of 1 gallon and if purchased directly from Not valid with any other offer.  

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