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What does it mean that you use "Biological" farming methods?

This means that in addition to not using ANY chemicals whatsoever, even "certified organic" ones, we instead use biiological methods to ensure healthy living soils and healthy plants. We add microbes, worms, manures and organic matter to build up our soil and we use fermented vegetables, compost teas and finished composts to fertilize our crops. 

What is the difference between "Regenerative Agriculture" and "Sustainable Agriculture?"

Here is a great article that explains the difference: From Sustainable to Regenerative


In short, "sustainable agriculture" basically means to keep the land and environment in the status quo for a period of time.  "Regenerative Agriculture" means that we do not settle for the status quo and we aim to build upon and "regenerate" the land and environment.  We do our best to make our land better and our environment cleaner than when we started.

What is a CSA?

CSA means "Community Supported Agriculture."  This means that the majority of our income is supported by our "community." Members pay up front each year and receive a "share" of vegetables every week.  The benefits of doing a CSA for the member are many including that the member actively becomes involved in the farm and supports the local farmer, receives fresh harvested produce.  There are other benefits too:  building community and meeting like-minded individuals, learning to eat seasonally, in good years receiving a large savings on your grocery bill, a 10% discount on all products through the season and more.  


Here is a good article if you would like to learn more:  What Is a CSA?

What do I get in my CSA share?

Please click HERE for a thorough explanation

Why do you only grow heirloom vegetables?  And what exactly does that mean?

First, we will never, ever, ever use GMO seed!  All of our vegetables are of the heirloom variety which means that they are very old seeds (heirlooms passed down generation to generation) and they have't been manipulated for size, texture, drought, shipping etc.  On the one hand we get less yield with heirloom varieties, but the taste, texture, even the nutritional value of heirloom crops are WAY better than conventional vegetables - they simply do not compare!  Also, keep in mind that you will most likely not find 90% or more of our varieties in your local grocery or health-food store, so before you say that you don't like turnips, you have got to try ours first!

Is your farm REALLY 100% solar powered?

Yes!  Everything from the irrigation for our crops to the lighting in our home is powered exclusively by a very large solar power system.  In fact, we use less energy than we produce and therefore we sell back energy back to the grid!

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