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Happy Thanksgiving to the Best Farming Community in all of Colorado! We LOVE YOU!

Rabbi Nachman says that the only way to ensure a good harvest is to give and to give generously: "When you sow, you don't know what will come up. It's all a matter of chance. But there's a way to ensure a good harvest: If you have the ability to give, give generously."

This, to our family, is the true meaning of Thanksgiving. "Thanks & Giving." We thank G-d for the blessings in our lives by sharing them with others and by being generous with those who need the most.

We pray that we all remember this lesson this #Thanksgiving and that we all remember that the only true way to be #grateful for what we have is to share our blessings with others.

From the depths of our hearts at Ahavah Farm, and from our family to yours, we wish you all a very #blessed day of saying thanks through our sharing with others. May your

day be blessed and full of gratitude to those you love and may your #gratitude for your blessings be a light to this world...and may we humbly follow suit.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, our friends, community and FaRmily!

We are Thankful for YOU ❤️

Happy Thanksgiving!


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