Ahavah Farm Community News, August 18th, 2021

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Week 9 - The NINTH Week of SUMMER CSA 2021!

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Opening Remarks

Hello Dear Supporters, Members and FaRmily!!

What a summer it has been so far! Our CSA has been absolutely awesome thus far, and this may be the best Summer crop we have had since we started 7 seasons ago!! Although, things can change quickly in farming, we know😜, so celebrating our victories is important - and this year has been fantastic! Yes, it started out very, very cold and slow, but the rain and cooler weather really helped many of our crops thrive (though Spring was rough!). One real negative that came out of that cool weather was our pumpkin harvest...the 2,500 plants we put in have looked very stymied and it doesn't look like it's going to be a good fall crop which breaks our hearts (more on that below)!

As far as happenings go, we have been hustling our tails off to get the Fall planting in - which is almost complete! We are almost 100% planted, again, which makes us so very happy and excited for a good fall season! We also have all the garlic dried and cured, the onions are about to come out of the ground (starting today!) and the potatoes are almost ready to harvest too! The weeds have been looking slightly better - a special thank you to our volunteers (though there is still so much weeding to do!😝). All in all, our Fall planting is going well, the CSA is kicking tail and the crops are looking very nice. We can expect to have a very nice CSA for Fall and Winter (let's hope the Fall is mild!).

We've also had a couple amazing classes and events on the farm recently including a GIANT tour, Storytime with Ms. Tracy and a Composting 101 class. All have been successful and wonderful programs that have added to our community - thank you to all the members and volunteers who make these wonderful programs happen!

👉👉REMINDER: Fall CSA membership closes AUGUST 31st. Be sure to sign up so you don't miss out!👈👈

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