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Updated: Jun 1

Newsletter for Week 9 of Spring CSA 2022

Hello FaRmily!

I hope this newsletter finds you well and that you've hopefully enjoyed this past week's snowstorm and that it wasn't too burdensome for you! The storm moisture was highly needed, but the damage and the headache it caused was not fun! We are now 2 to 4 weeks behind on multiple crops and it is frustrating -especially since we have been doing so well with our schedule this year. Well, what else is new? behind behind is a "farmer" problem, and we are used to it and prepared for it and we won't complain too much 😉!

This week is going to be another fun-filled week, as we just had a tour yesterday (thank you all for coming out!), our nursery is filled with plants and open all week, the farmer's market is going to be amazing this week with 14 or more vendors plus we have Storytime with Tracy and more. Please see our calendar of events (below and on our website) to be a part of all the happenin's!

Veggie-Share members, we have another beautiful CSA share for you this week including radishes, carrots, garlic scapes, lettuce, swiss chard, kale and more.

👉See below for a new article, new interview, new video VLOG and some important updates and deadlines fast approaching!





REMINDER:👉 Every week we will be sending out this newsletter on Monday/Tuesday and every Thursday we post to the blog and to the Ahavah Community Facebook Group all the details of your bag contents, the extras available for purchase and what to expect to be available for Market-Style members. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO BE AWARE OF CHANGES AND UPDATES DUE TO WEATHER AND CHANGES DUE TO HOLIDAYS OR OTHER UNPREDICTABLE SITUATIONS THAT MAY ARISE (we are a small family farm, not a grocery store, after all😄 )

👉Please see the weekly updates below including a word from Farmer Yosef, some educational articles, announcements, changes, interviews, highlights and more.

📢See below for event updates, new articles and announcements!📢

Enjoy your shares this month and don't forget to join the fun and share your recipes and pictures in the Facebook Community Group!




Ahavah Farm & Ahavah Community Initiative UPCOMING Schedule

👉May 27th @ 10am: KIDS CLASS! Storytime with Miss Tracy!

👉May 27th @ 9am to 12pm: Farmer's Market with vendors of all kinds!

👉June 3rd: Full Season Garden Class #4

👉June 3rd @ 9am to 12pm: Farmer's Market with vendors of all kinds!

👉June 5th: ACI Deadline to apply for donated share.

👉June 10th @ 9am: KIDS CLASS! Painting with Tess (during Market).

👉June 10th @ 9am to 12pm: Farmer's Market with vendors of all kinds!

👉June 17th @ 9am: Composting Basics with Mark Robinson!

👉June 17th @ 9am to 12pm: Farmer's Market with vendors of all kinds!

👉July 1st: Fall CSA registration opens.

Go to www.ahavahfarm.com/classes to learn more, to register and to see the rest of our schedule of events and classes!




New Section! - 👩‍🌾Around the Farm👩‍🌾

👈These beautiful onions got over-wintered and their seeds are almost ready to collect, cure and store away until next year! Elisheva is just as excited as me 😄!

👉Eight years ago you would be hard-pressed to find a snake, a toad, many birds or very much biodiversity on our property. Today, that has completely and utterly changed and we are finding snakes like these nearly daily as well as all of the other native species! We have done a lot to invite and welcome these guests and it shows!

👈Last week was a bit of a scare! This is from our property looking over at our neighbors'. Apparently, a car caught on fire and the very fast wind started to spread it in our direction. The fire-department came to put it out, but ran out of water. Literally, at that very moment it started to rain and it put the fire out. No joke, we haven't had rain in months and then this! I don't know if we are worthy of miracles, but we are grateful none-the-less!

👉A picture of the snow after the snow-storm. This was on Sunday after a ton of melting. We got almost a foot of snow which was very much needed moisture, but we did get some damage and it knocked us behind by a few weeks.

👈The inside crops are looking amazing! here is swiss chard that was planted a few weeks ago. Looks beautiful huh!?

👉the potatoes were not a fan of the freeze. As you can see, they withstood some good damage. They should come back though and we will still have a good potato harvest this year (we hope!)

👇The picture below is of the broccoli after the storm and after the snow melted away. It looks crushed, but we think it will make a full recovery!

👉 The weeds are killing us! Volunteers, can you please help!? Come any day, but especially next Monday on Memorial day from 9am to 12pm. We will weed, weed and weed some more...and then go home with some goodies!