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A Statement About the Events in Israel from Yosef Camire and Ahavah Farm. ב״ה

As the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah has just ended, we want to make a statement to our community regarding the current events in Israel:

Words cannot express how heavy our hearts are regarding the heinous acts that have been committed against our brothers and sisters, our dear loved ones, and our fellow Jews in Israel. As a Jewish family and farm, the Camire's and this Farm, @Ahavah Farm, LLC, have a deep connection to the land of Israel and the people and communities of Israel and we strongly condemn not only those that have performed these evil war-crimes against innocent civilians, but we strongly condemn all those that support and stand with these ruthless and disgusting murderous animals!

As we are just-now coming out of celebrating Simchat Torah, we are so saddened to learn of this horrible atrocity - the bloodiest and most in-humane attack on Israel ever with nearly 1,000 dead, including nearly all of them being civilians, women, children and innocent people celebrating a holy holiday!

We are in mourning over these disgusting and incredibly animal-like actions and we are 100%, absolutely and unabashedly, in support of Israel and our hearts and prayers are with our dear loved ones who are now drawn into a fight for their literal lives, and more particularly with those hundreds of captives whom are most-definitely being treated in the most disgusting ways possible.

We are grateful for all the warm messages, phone calls and e-mails that have been sent our way regarding this situation and we thank you. We ask that our community please direct your efforts, prayers and donations to supporting the suffering families at this time. There are many organizations taking donations at this time. We have provided a few suggestions for those interested, below.

Thank you and may G-d watch over and protect all the innocent, on all sides, may the soldiers of Israel and the government have the wisdom and guidance to do what is necessary to end this war and create peace once and for all, and may all those that have committed these atrocities experience the ultimate justice, pain and suffering that they deserve.



If you are interested in donating and need a suggested organization, please see below:


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